Our Partners


Barin S.r.l.

BARIN has been working in the field of design and manufacture of bridge inspection units since the sixties. Housing administration, design offices, production and testing facilities are based on a 23.000 square meters site in Cittadella (Padua). The plant is provided of all the most advanced facilities for the production of access equipment, among which we like to mention a bridge for testing the machines prior to delivery.

Cherrington Beach Cleaners & Mobile Screeners

Cherrington has been building beach cleaning equipment since the mid 1970s when we pioneered the first globally marketed self-propelled beach cleaning machine.  In 2002, our company was acquired by the McPherson Family who also owned Glenmac, known for its Harley Rock Pickers and Power Box Rake product line.

Holzmann Fahrzeugbau GmbH

As a market leader, Holzmann sets the standards. The success confirms the paved path. Technical innovations and the highest quality have always been their goal, which we feel committed to. The wishes of the customers and the optimal implementation of the given tasks have top priority.
Their production range meets a wide range of requirements, which have proven themselves in practice. Holzmann Fahrzeugbau stands for the development and manufacture of vehicle superstructures, solutions for the disposal of solid and liquid waste, sewerage, land and industrial cleaning, ADR suction vehicles, special constructions and special constructions, fixed on the truck, or as a semi-trailer and trailer.

Johnston Sweepers Limited

Johnston Sweepers has been manufacturing road sweepers in Dorking, Surrey for more than 75 years, and today is one of the world market leaders in street cleansing vehicles, British designed and built. Johnston exports over 70% of its sweeper production to more than 80 countries worldwide, helping to keep city streets clean from London, Dublin, Paris and Milan to New York, Moscow, Melbourne and Bangkok.


Farid Industrie S.P.A

Farid Industrie, one of the leading manufacturers of waste compacting equipment and jetting systems globally, has more than 550 employees, with four production sites in Italy and two abroad (the U.K. and Venezuela).
The Group comprises a number of highly integrated associate companies committed to pursuing an increasing level of synergy. It is a consolidated benchmark on the Italian and foreign markets.

Boniface Engineering Ltd

Founded in 1982 the company has always specialized in the manufacture of vehicle recovery equipment. In the early days all the products were designed and developed by Boniface. <br>
Miller Industries (USA) acquired Boniface Engineering in 1996; many of the products installed today at Thetford originate from Miller factories in the USA and France. Miller Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment and include the brand names Century, Challenger, Holmes, Eagle, Jige, Boniface, Chevron, Vulcan and Champion.